A World of Their Own

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Image by Yuuza of Deviant Art

Title: A World of Their Own:

Category: Death Note

Character(s): LxOC

Genre(s): Romance/Supernatural

Rating:  M for profanity, sexual themes and violence.

After B is arrested for the Los Angeles BB murders, L finds an unconscious girl next to the abandoned warehouse he’s using. She has no memories of who she is and her only possession is a strange flute.  Denial,guilt,love,doubt,nightmares,and the elements are all in full swing as L discovers his connection to her.

Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16,17, 18, 19, 20, 21 ,22, 23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32, 33

Companion Pieces:

Snowman’s Smile–  L and Raine celebrate Christmas together. A lost chapter to the fanfic A World Of Their Own.

The Spirit of Adian– L is trying to adjust to his existence as a water elemental and come to terms with the exhausting battle he fought with Kira. He ends up running into a few old friends along the way.


To Die in Autumn

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His blade slices through my flesh as though it were butter.
My fluids pour out; deepening the red of the autumn leaves.
That man is looking down, showering me with yellow, orange and brown.
The breeze blows through his hair, though I no longer feel it on this cold ground.

Autumn Nightmare

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So much beauty is held within my family’s nightmare!
The children pile up my brothers’ remains,
Red, yellow, orange and brown.
They dive right into the middle with laughter,
Though they swim in a mountain of corpses
I am but a dead leaf, and never have I felt this beautiful!

Writing My Worlds

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As I start my day of redundant chores,
I think about my reality and realize I’m bored.
What is this world that consumes my life?
It’s depressing and dim; as dull as a butter knife.
Every day I wake up, and what greets me first thing?
The same reality as before; that day after day brings.

So I sharpen my pencil to sit down and write.
Each word sings a note; to new worlds, it shines light.
I create and explore these new worlds with pride.
Every character speaks to me and tells me their side.
An adventure, a journey, a means to break free-
A chance to live dreams that in this world, will never be.

Story after story, I play God’s hand-
Watching my children grow-
Seeing if they fall or flourish in their new land.
I’ll lose myself to my written worlds in play.
And lifting me up- my characters beg me to stay.

Though I must always depart at the end of the day,
And live in this reality that is mine-
I know in my heart that my worlds are still there,
Just waiting for the right time.

In the Girl’s Locker Room

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This is a commission I did for Kenty1234 on Deviant Art. In fact it’s the very first commission I’ve ever written. I hope you like it Kenty!  Thanks so much for commissioning me! Rated:M Word Count: 5,428 Content Warning:  Contains breif nudity and suggestive sexual situations. Kenty is a new teacher at Sasuki University.  When caught spying on a group of girls dressing in the girl’s locker room, Kenty gets a surprise punishment!  (Yes, the girls are 18 and older. So, no flamming about age.) Continue reading

Compared to the Succubus!

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How could I be compared to my worse enemy?
How could he say such a thing knowing how much he means to me?
I loved that boy! He was my life!
I would have given everything to him!
Yet he insisted on judging my normality and passing a sentence of degrading comparison!
As much as my darkness favors his world, he wants no part of it.
He only compares me to his past love… the monster I have been at war with since the beginning.
Damn him!
There is no comparison to make, yet he still invents one.
How could he stomach inflicting so much pain on someone who cares for him the way I do?
Yet the darkest shadow of my heart still holds on to him though it will always be hidden to the world.

Alter Ego

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There are two people housed in my body.

There’s me. And then there’s…Me.

There’s the me that would give her life for those she loves…

Then there’s the Me that doesn’t trust any of them.

There’s the me that could never hurt another human being…

And there’s the Me that wishes to destroy anyone who crosses her.

There’s the me who’s never thoughtless or unpleasant to anyone she comes in contact with…

And there’s the Me that loves to degrade and put the fleas in thier place.

There’s the me that sticks to wine and water…

And there’s the Me that thirsts for whisky and blood.

There’s the me who is modest in the purest form…

And there’s Me.. who knows nothing but perversion in MANY forms.

There’s me who puts up with abuse and obeys every command.

But then there’s Me… the one who answers to no one… 

the sadistic bitch who takes pleasure in seeing others tortured…

such as myself